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Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveyors & Conveying Systems

  • Dilute (lean), dense and two phase vacuum conveying systems
  • High and low pressure conveying systems
  • Conveyor systems for bulk solids, powders and other granular materials



  • The Rage Bulk Systems MICROMAX System is a two phase pressure tank pneumatic conveyor system, which is designed to transport "fluidizable" powders.
  • The MICROMAX is a conservative energy consumer, can be powered by a PD blower or compressed air and allows bulk materials to be conveyed in standard pipe with inexpensive couplings and standard radius bends.

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  • The Rage Bulk Systems MACROMAX pneumatic conveying system employs "pulsed piston" technology in order to transport granular materials via a true dense phase pressure tank system at very low velocities and even lower operating costs.
  • Material can be conveyed in standard pipe or tube with inexpensive couplings.
  • MACROMAX is, by design, reliable and plug-free.

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  • The Rage Bulk Systems MEGAMAX pressure vessel conveying system is designed to handle abrasive materials such as pebble lime without rotary valves or other moving parts in a low pressure / low velocity fashion, utilizing a PD Blower as the motive source.
  • Rage Bulk Systems MEGAMAX is an automatic, versatile performer that saves you money while it handles many types of material easily.
  • Rage Bulk Systems MEGAMAX conveyor system protects your product-and it itself, to ensure low system maintenance costs.

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